Assorted Packing Tips For Moving

Within this article are assorted packing tips. Some you may be aware of while others, maybe

not. Either way, it’s a convenient quick list you can refer to at a glance while handling your


1. Gather and prepare all the necessary packing supplies before you begin. It is very

irritating to have to stop whatever you’re packing because you need to run to the store

for more supplies.

2. Boxes should be under 50 pounds when packed.

3. Keep all heavy items on the bottom of the box.

4. Fill up empty space within boxes with linens, beddings, pillow cases, blankets, and other

assorted small cloth items. Keep them inside clear plastic bags for additional ease.

5. Do not overpack any box. The tops must seal flat so as to avoid damage to the contents.

6. Small items go in smaller boxes and are then placed in larger boxes. Make sure they are

all sealed before packing it in the larger box.

7. Anything liquid should be transferred to sealable containers. Keep all lids tight and tape

them down for good measure. Keep in waterproof bags, seal, and place upright within

box. Make sure these boxes are labelled with arrows so movers can tell which end is up.

8. Make sure you have an inventory list of every box and its contents. You’ll need this list if

anything goes missing and you want to make a claim.

9. Consider keeping clothes inside dressers and drawers.

10. Label specific boxes as “Unload first” or “Last to load” and leave your essentials in them.

11.Keep all important paperwork with you at all times. Don’t leave them with your other

household items. If you really can’t take it with you, send them ahead with a courier you


12. If it moves, tape it down.

13.If possible, keep the items in their respective locations. If you are packing silverware

for example, leave it in its tray but wrapped with bubble wrap and taped down. This will

make it much easier to sort things out when you’re unpacking.

14. Tape all the screws, bolts, and assorted other parts, with their respective furniture. Make

sure you put them in ziploc bags first.

15.Make sure you get all the tools you need to reassemble everything and keep it in

another box. This box must be clearly labelled and include essential tools like all-
purpose screwdrivers, hammers, nails, hooks, etc

16.If you must use trash bags, do not use regular bags as these rip very easily. Get the

thick heavy duty clear bags that won’t rip during your move. That, or use two bags each.

Remember that several Kearny moving companies will not take garbage bags so use

these minimally.

17. Have a few extra boxes for last minute packing.

18. Pack per room rather than by category. This makes it easier to sort things out after your


19. Make sure to book your schedule with your Kearny movers several weeks ahead of time

and discuss all the details of your move. Typically, 8 weeks before moving day is a good

schedule that most people should aim for.

20. Plan your Essentials box.

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