Our Services:

Local moving

If you need to move around the New Jersey area, contact Randy's Moving right now. We’ll provide you with a quality moving service that will fit right in with your budget and work with your schedule. To make your life move easier, we’ve got plenty of services that will handle all parts of your move for you. You could be lessening your to-do lists of difficult and tiring tasks and have us do it for you instead. We’ll do it happily and provide quality service.

Long Distance

The only thing more stressful than moving is long distance moving. Randy's Moving can is completely equipped to handle both kinds of moves for you. The moving plans we make focus on minimizing stress and streamlining the whole process. You’re sure to get the most out of your money when you work with us. Randy's Moving is known around New Jersey as a trusted moving company that provides quality service at affordable prices.  


Moving to another state is more complicated than you might think. Randy's Moving understands the whole process and requirements for moving out of state to ensure your shipment arrives in time and in good condition. Don’t waste time trying to find another moving company in New Jersey who can match our quality of service at our prices.  Interstate moves are notoriously plagued by all kinds of problems but our movers have plenty of experience and are familiar with all the different ways interstate moving can go wrong.

Randy's Moving knows what you’re dealing with and and how stressful it is. We work hard to make sure things go smoothly for you and your whole family.


When you’re moving your business, you need things to stay organized all the way through. Randy's Moving  will take care all of your equipment and your employees belongings and get them right where you need it. We are familiar with handling all kinds equipment and know how to keep them in good condition.


Randy's Moving knows moving to a new home is a hard time for everybody. Randy's Moving will give you the most cost effective solution you can find and make your move easier for you. We have all kinds of moving services available at your disposal to lessen your burden.

Office Relocation

Successful office relocations hinge completely on proper organization while staying within schedule. Randy's Moving has polished their organization system over several years and of office relocations to ensure a smooth transition.

Art & Antique

Randy's Moving can be trusted to move your priceless art pieces and keep them in pristine condition. We have experience moving all kinds of art pieces and take all kinds precautions in handling your valued items.

Piano Moving

Randy's Moving employs movers specifically trained in moving different kinds of pianos. We’ve moved all kinds from spinets to grand pianos. We use proper equipment designed to move pianos along with the right safety gear as well. Before moving your piano, we’ll also protect your floors as well. To properly move around staircases, we use padded piano moving boards to keep everything safe. Your piano will be properly secured in our truck and won’t shift during transit.

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